Although we will always do all we can to ensure you keep your natural teeth as long as possible, sometimes it is necessary to replace missing teeth with modern dentures (removable false teeth), which are designed to look and operate exactly like your natural teeth and gums. Dentures can help with speech and eating, as well as improving your overall appearance and confidence. Best of all, however, they no longer carry negative connotations, with more and more people wearing them due to enhanced appearance and comfort.  There are several options of how to go about choosing the right dentures for you, and we all always talk these through with you in detail before work begins


The process

This will consist of a number of visits:

  • Primary Impressions. We will take a mould of both your upper and lower jaws, sterilise them and send them to the dental technician.
  • Secondary Impressions & Bite Registration. Using models made by the dental technician and wax blocks, we will record the way you bite. We may also need to take another impression on a custom-made tray, to ensure an accurate fit. You will choose the type, shape and colour you want for your dentures, with prices varying accordingly.
  • ‘Try-In’. A wax-plate version of your dentures is made so that you can be sure you are happy with their appearance, whilst the dentist will check you are biting accurately. You can still change your mind on any of the details at this stage, and we will be happy to accommodate until you are completely satisfied.
  • Final fitting. We will make sure you are completely comfortable with your new teeth before you take them home – with a new, big smile on your face!

What is the right type of denture for me?

  • Acrylic. Coming in a range of standard or deluxe, our light, plastic dentures are available in a range of different qualities using high-strength plastic.
  • Chrome/Cobalt. Cosmetic plastic teeth supported on a metal framework, these allow a denture to be made without a full palate – meaning the roof of your mouth is left free. Special clips grip the denture to your own teeth for added security.
  • Flexidentures. We are proud to offer a brand-new type of denture which is so aesthetically pleasing and comfortable you may even forget you’re wearing it! Strong, lightweight and flexible, they will adapt to the constant movement of your mouth without the bulky feeling often associated with traditional dentures.

Dentures may feel a bit strange to begin with, but – with the help and guidance of our dentists – you will soon get used to wearing them.
Depending on the number of affected teeth, you will either need complete or partial dentures. Please contact us for more information.



"Very happy to have this practice as my new dentist. Friendly and professional staff (Dentist, Hygienist and Receptionist) who explain things well and it's very clean and comfortable surgery."

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